Natural Pain Killers

Where there is no pain there will be no gain, pain and agony are parts of our everyday life. We have to live with it and learn ways to combat and survive. Pain is there everywhere, in every sect of our life, may be its cover differs from one another but one cannot run away from pain. Just the way we have pains in our lives which is unavoidable, we also have ways and remedies to combat and stop it. There are pain in love, professional life, personal life, academic front and most common bodily pain. Nature is the healer of all the pains and agony in life, nature has one or another way to heal these pains as well. Today we will be discussing natural ways of healing bodily pains.

Natural Pain KillersHuman body has many kinds of pain

Our body has millions of muscles and tissues, these tissues and muscles can get hurt anytime with different movements.  Pain can attack us anytime, anywhere, hence we need to keep ourselves strong and prepared enough to face these issues. Pain can be in any organ of a human body, e.g. headache, back pain, joint pain, stomach pain, tooth ache etc are most common pains of our day to day lives. Medical world has gone very far in discovering medicines and cures for different kinds of pains and diseases. There are many medicines for one pain but it is always better not to pop a pill at first as different pills have different side effects. Nature has many hidden treasures in store for us all what we need to do is keep an open eye to find the goodness of nature and take out best for ourselves. If we throw a look at our kitchen there are loads of medicines in form of spics, vegetables and fruits that we can use as pain killers but we do not do as we underestimate the power of Natural Pain Killers.

Few magical spices

There are spices and herbs lying in our kitchen closet that can be magical for reliving our different kinds of pain but we do not bother to even have a look at them, this is because of two reasons, first we are not aware of the magical goodness and second we do not trust them. But there are medicines which are made by extracting juices and goodness of these herbs and spices only. Below given names are few Natural Pain Killers that work wonder in combating different kinds of pain in our body.

•    Ginger: Helps in dealing with simple joint pains and muscle pull. People who are into exercise use it a lot. It is often added in tea and coffee as also helps in killing cough and cold.

•    Cloves: Cloves are wonderful in combating dental issues. Doctors also suggest chewing cloves for sudden toothache and inflammation in gums.

•    Garlic: It is used to burst acne and pimples and also mixed with oil to provide relive from earache.

•    Apple: Apples are magical, as the saying goes “One apple a day, keeps doctor away” is absolutely true. Apples are natural anti-oxidants which help to make your heart strong and cure other diseases too.

•    Turmeric: Turmeric is used as an important ingredient in face packs and body pack, since ancient times. Turmeric makes your face clearer and fairer as it fights with the blackheads and flushes the clogged pores. Turmeric added with warm milk can kill cough and congested chest in a day.

•    Oats: Oats are not just for healthy breakfast but they can be a good pain killer for menstrual catch. They are gluten free and are recommended for people who are into diet and exercise.

•    Honey: Honey has multiple benefits; it is just not sweet syrup but has much goodness. Honey is good for you skin as it makes it shiner and smoother, honey is taken during cough and cold as it provides heat in the body and kills the germ, it is taken in lime juice to flush the anti-toxins out of the body and makes a person slim, honey can be used as natural conditioner for your hair.

•    Coffee: Coffee is not just for spending time together and chatting but it has other goodness as well. Coffee kicks up the metabolism in your body and makes you healthy; it helps in reliving migraines and stomach ache.